What is Abuse?

Recognizing the many warning signs and types of abuse is the first step.  Types of abuse can be very different and personal for each woman.

Abuse can be, but is not limited to:

  • Emotional Abuse

–         Constant criticism, put-downs, name-calling

–         Threatens suicide if you leave

–         Threatens to hurt you, your children, property or pets

–         Isolates you from your family or friends

–         Checks on you, e-mails, text messages, screens phone calls

–         Stalking you, following you

  • Physical Abuse

–         Punching, pulling hair, choking, slapping, biting, pushing, holding or restraining, squeezing

–         Deprives you from sleep, medical attention, or food

  • Sexual Abuse

–         Forced intercourse

–         Unwanted touching

–         Degrading sexual comments or jokes

–         Being rough

  • Financial Abuse

–         Withholding money

–         Controlling all finances

–         Spending money beyond means

  • Spiritual Abuse

–         Not allowing you to attend your place of worship

–         Ridiculing your beliefs

–         Using your beliefs to keep you in the relationship

If you recognize some of these forms of abuse in your relationship help is available.