A safe and supported community where all voices are heard, and everyone lives free of abuse.


We provide:

  • emergency shelter and crisis services, outreach, and education to our diverse rural and urban communities
  • Advocacy and support to individuals, families, children, and youth
  • Community education and awareness to counteract abuse, promoting social change through inclusive feminist work
  • Support in navigating community social services through our active collaboration with our community partners


Safety: We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our staff, volunteers, and service users.

Resilience: We strive to be flexible, adaptable, and persevere through challenges in order to best serve the needs of abused women and children in our community.

Empowerment: Our team of dedicated staff empower women and children to realize their full self-determined potential as they rebuild a life free of abuse.

Education: We value education as it is a driving force of preventing abuse and fostering a safe community for all.

Advocacy: By working in collaboration with local partners, we strive to end the cycle of gender-based violence in our community.